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Post by Dixon on Sun May 25, 2014 10:53 pm

1. NO RANDOM PK; We defend when attacked, but never initiate open PK. If you have a personal grudge with someone (i.e. they scammed you), this is an exception.

2. NO PK GUILD MEMBERS; We are family, family don't kill eachother.

3. NO PK ALLIES; Allies are part of the family.
Official Allies: [Reprisal] [BaiLong] [XíeShén]
Unofficial Allies: [Revelation] [Sanguine]

4. NO TRASH TALKING; Trash talk leads to warnings and bans, and it's lame.

5. NO TP BREAKING; Finish your TP even if you have 100% fatigue, no dropouts or breaking, unless someone failed and it's better for everyone to restart.

6. NO NOT HAVING FUN PLAYING THE GAME; We aim to have fun playing this game.

It seems there are some misunderstandings about our PK rules. We are carebears, but we are not strict. If you can explain your PK behaviour to your grandmother and not freak her out, then you'll be fine.

When a member of an (un)official allied guild attacks you, do whatever it takes to defend yourself, talk to him/her or kill if you must, but afterwards report the incident to our Dharma Protectors, Hall Leaders, Vice/Guild Leaders.

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Guild Rules Empty Re: Guild Rules

Post by Cauli on Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:47 pm

I kinda edited some things, since this was outdated.
So outdated that UX was still mentioned as an ally xD


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