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[MUST READ] Forum Rules and Guidelines Empty [MUST READ] Forum Rules and Guidelines

Post by Cauli on Tue May 20, 2014 6:46 am

Hey everyone,

To make sure we all have a good time on this forum, I've set some rules and guidelines:

1. RESPECT! Respect your guildies and the guests who post on this forum. If they take the time to ask something, be nice and don't shun them for being "nooby". We were all noobs at some point, remember that. This rule also means any form of trolling, flaming or defaming of a fellow guildy is forbidden. If you believe you're being provoked to do this, contact me or a guild leader to solve this.

2. Content: since we have some very young guildies who may also use this forum, do not post content such as:
- Pornography
- Horror
- Gore
If you want to post a (VERY) mild version of the above, put them in Spoilers and warn users about the content of the Spoiler before they open it. Posting harsh forms of this content will lead to a warning followed by a (temporary) ban from the forum.

3. Posting appropriately:
- Please post your thread in the right section. Threads in the wrong section will be moved to the right one.
- Don't spam replies, they will be removed and if you continue to spam, your account will be timed out (temporarily banned).  
- Create a fitting title for your thread. Thread titles will be edited if they're nonsense.
- Don't ALLCAPSRAGE, Your post will be edited or removed depending on the severity.
- Don't necro very old threads.
- Don't repost a thread that has been deleted. If a thread was deleted by a moderator, they should PM you with the reason.  
- Post in English, so we can all understand you. Posts in other languages will be removed or edited.

4. Impersonation, a.k.a. pretending to be someone you're not. Depending on the severity of the case, this can get your account and IP banned.

I hope we can all have a great time on the forum from now on! PM me on here or ingame (Cauli) if you have any questions!


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